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Corona Deaths

32 Coronavirus Infected Danes Have Died

Corona Deaths

A total of 301 people are admitted. Thirty-two Coronas infected Danes are now dead, while 301 people are on duty.

69 people are admitted to the intensive care unit, of which 58 are in respirators.

The Danish Serum Institute announced yesterday that it is now calculating the death figures in a new way. The deaths to date have been based on the CPR register. The figures will in future be based on the Cause of Death Register. This is updated with less delay than the CPR register.

1,577 are registered as infected, which is an increase of 127 people from yesterday. However, that figure is believed to cover a large dark figure, as far from anyone with symptoms of the virus has been tested.

According to today’s figures, 13,756 people have been tested.

In the Faroe Islands, which are still testing widely, 2,482 have been tested, while 122 have been found infected. In Greenland, 194 have been tested, while four have been infected with coronavirus.

The Danish health authorities have announced in recent weeks that they expect a large increase in the number of admissions during the spring.

The more corona patients are expected to put the hospitals under pressure, and therefore efforts are being made to create more capacity.

Among other things, non-emergency surgery is postponed and staff are trained to take care of the corona patients.

Source: dr.dk

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