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india crash

15 died after plane with 191 on board crashed in India

india crash
Ambulances and fire trucks are rushed to the airport. Photo: Reuters


At least 15 people have been killed when a passenger plane from Air India with 191 people on board crashed on Friday at the airport in the city of Kozhikode in southwestern India.

It informs the police chief in the state of Kerala according to the news agency Reuters.

In addition, at least 15 people were seriously injured. Dozens of injured have been taken to hospital.

We have at least 89 people, many of them with serious injuries, who have been taken to various hospitals in Kozhikode. Ambulances are still coming in, police officer Sujith Das told the AFP news agency.

– We have been told that everyone who survived the crash has some form of injuries, he adds.

Kerala’s police chief says four passengers are still trapped inside the wreckage on Friday night.

Photos shared on social media show a plane broken into two parts, apparently after ending up off the runway.

But the plane did not catch fire, Air India reports, according to the Times of India.

It is not immediately clear what caused the plane to run off the runway. But there was heavy rain in the area when the plane was about to land, write several Indian media.

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