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Violence after Koran burning – see the pictures from the night’s riot in Malmö


Several people were detained in connection with a violent riot on Amiralsgatan and in Rosengård in Malmö. The unrest broke out after a Koran was burned in Rosengård and an unauthorized demonstration on Stortorget where a Koran was kicked around on the ground.

At 19:00 on Friday night, it was estimated that about 300 people were out on the roadway on Amiralsgatan, according to the police. Fireworks, firecrackers and Bengals were used.

Later in the evening, paving stones were thrown at the police and the rescue service is also said to have been subjected to attacks. Several police vehicles and at least one rescue service vehicle have been damaged.

At 04.00, the police in the South state that the culmination of the unrest seems to have been reached before midnight and that the situation has been calmer since 03.00 on Saturday.


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