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Trump welcomes vaccine result: So good news

As Trump writes that the vaccine is coming soon, Biden reminds that it may take a long time before the vaccine spreads.

The sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump, writes on Twitter that he welcomes the promising results from a potential corona vaccine.

– Stock markets are going up, the vaccine is coming soon. It turns out to be 90 percent effective. So good news, Trump writes.

The announcement comes shortly after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that the first analysis of the Phase 3 studies of the vaccine shows an effect in more than nine out of ten cases.

That is, the vaccine prevented more than 90 percent of cases of infection.

Trump’s reaction to the vaccine news is the first words of the Republican president on Twitter in 14 hours.

Since then, the only activity on the part of the president on social media has been that he has shared a series of TV clips from Fox News, where his allegations of election fraud in last week’s US presidential election are discussed.

Many of the world’s leaders have congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election after he was announced as the winner of the election on Saturday.

But Trump has still not accepted the election defeat.

Instead, he has announced he will go to court with his allegations of electoral fraud in the states that ultimately tipped in Joe Biden’s favor.

Also, Joe Biden on Monday commented on the new test results from Pfizer, which he calls “excellent news”. It writes the news agency Reuters.

But he also reminds that it can take many months before the vaccine can be spread in the community. And therefore, bandages, distance and other safety measures will continue to be needed in 2021.

– Today’s news is excellent news, but it does not change the facts, Biden writes in a statement.

– Today’s news promises us the chance for change next year, but the task ahead here and now is the same.

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