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This is how the weather will be in the first holiday week in denmark


Typically changeable Danish summer weather, but with a lot of sun on the program.

Looking at the weather symbols and temperatures on the five-day schedule, it doesn’t look very uplifting. Still, many will experience the weather better than one immediately thinks when viewing the weather forecast.

Four out of five icons on the chart show raindrops, but several of the days the sun will shine for long periods. Only Tuesday looks decidedly dull and tastes more of autumn than of summer.

Windy and gray Tuesday

Tuesday will be the day that invites least for outdoor fun. Tuesday will be very windy for the season. West wind, which on west-facing coasts reaches the peak of coal strength.

On Tuesday, the clouds will dominate most of the day. In northwest Jutland, strong showers can be expected with the risk of hail and thunder. In the other parts of the country there will be fewer and less powerful showers. While Northwest Jutland can expect about 15 millimeters of rain, around 5 millimeters can be expected in other parts of the country.

Wednesday will be warmer with more sun and less wind

During Wednesday, the wind will subside, and good periods of sun will be interrupted by occasional showers. The thermometers will position between 17 and 22 degrees with the highest temperatures in the eastern regions.


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