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face mask

The National Board of Health recommends face mask for congestion in public transport

face mask

It is a good idea to have a bandage in your bag when you go out and drive by public transport.

It writes the National Board of Health in a press release.

 If we are to maintain control of the epidemic , good distance and clean hands are still important. In the coming time, we will move more together because we return to work and education, and the cold time is approaching, says the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s director, Søren Brostrøm, in a press release .

– It can make it harder to keep your distance in many situations, even if you want to. This applies to e.g. in public transport during rush hour or in tightly packed buses, trains and on ferries.

Therefore, we now recommend that you take a bandage in your bag in those situations and put it on if it is difficult to keep your distance.

Søren Brostrøm also points out that the primary purpose of wearing a bandage is that the wearer does not spread the infection if you are infected but do not have symptoms.

In addition, it can also provide extra protection if one is vulnerable and may have difficulty keeping distance.

– The reason why we are announcing the new recommendations right now is that we can see that the activity in public transport has increased in step with the gradual reopening, and that we expect a further increase as the holiday ends , and the reopening enters phase 4, says Søren Brostrøm.

Follows developments

According to the press release , the Danish Health and Medicines Authority is following the development in the spread of infection to see if the recommendation should be extended to more situations, such as shopping centers.

In addition, Søren Brostrøm suggests that you buy a pack of bandages, so you are sure to have a pack on hand.

The board also states that the mouthpiece does not replace the other recommendations, such as hand washing, spraying and distance. It should be seen as a supplement .

In addition, the National Board of Health comes with a call that you must remember to turn your sanitary napkin correctly.

The mouthpiece slows down virus particles, but they settle in the mask. That way, they can be passed on if you touch the bandage a lot and do not remember to wash your hands.

The new announcement is valid from August 2020.

First place was airports

Although the National Board of Health now recommends that you wear a bandage when you are out driving in public transport, and there are many people, there is a place in Denmark where this is a requirement.

On June 15, it became mandatory for travelers to wear the bandage when they entered the airport, and until their journey was over.

The rules apply until further notice without an expiration date.


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