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The government will remove 98 supervisions and give the elderly more freedom to choose their own care

The Prime Minister lifts a little more of the veil on the SVM government’s plan for an elderly reform. Here the focus is on supervision.

In the upcoming elderly reform, the government will replace the 98 municipal elderly supervision and the state elderly supervision with a new model, where all supervision is basically carried out on the same day.

This is what Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) says to Berlingske.

Specifically, a cross-municipal supervision of the elderly must ensure that all supervision takes place one day a year.

Mette Frederiksen says that employees must spend their time on “the core task and not everything else”:

– It requires that we politically say that supervision and control are no longer the most important thing, says the Prime Minister to Berlingske.

The idea is that it should become easier for the institutions to handle the inspections and to bring “the total amount of control down”.

In addition, in the inspections, there must be less focus on control and more focus on learning and professional sparring, Mette Frederiksen tells Berlingske.

In the interview with the newspaper, she also talks about another proposal. Namely that there must be a principle of “holistic care”. This means, says the prime minister, that the elderly must be allowed to decide for themselves what they want help for.

She refers to the two proposals as absolutely central in the plan for a new elderly reform, which will soon be in its full length.

The reform is one of the big hits for the government in the political spring, and Mette Frederiksen had also announced that she would use her New Year’s speech on 1 January to talk about it.

That plan was changed when Queen Margrethe announced that she would abdicate.

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