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The EU now accuses China of spreading ‘fake news’ about the corona crisis

The EU

The European Commission has previously been criticized for being subject to Chinese pressure.

China is among the countries that have been trying to spread fake news and misinformation in recent times EU about the corona pandemic. This is what the harsh and direct accusation sounds like today European Commission that is constantly monitoring the spread of misinformation in the European Union.

Foreign players and certain third countries, in particular Russia and China, have participated in targeted influence missions and misinformation campaigns regarding Covid-19 in EU, says a new message from EU-commission.

According to commission there has been talk of “a massive wave of fake and deceptive information, “the aim of which was to” undermine the democratic debate and exacerbate social polarization “around the member states. In addition, China, Russia and the other countries and actors have tried to improve their own reputation during the crisis, and it has all been contributes to harm EU fight against the virus.

We have seen that there have been a lot of accusations that the coronavirus has been developed in US laboratories. In addition, efforts have also been made to sell the support provided by ChinaEU, says Vera Jourová, who is EUCommissioner for Values ​​and Transparency.

I’m worried that the flow of misinformation will continue, she adds.


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