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Sweden's Foreign Minister

Sweden can get six million vaccine doses

Sweden's Foreign Minister


Sweden has signed an EU agreement with Astra Zeneca which guarantees the country vaccine – if it is approved.

This was announced by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren at a quick press conference on Thursday.

– For Sweden, this means that we will receive six million doses. The vaccine will be enough for 3-6 million Swedes, says Lena Hallengren.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven opened the press conference:

– Everyday life is different for many. The virus will continue to test us and characterize the country. A crucial message remains: the crisis is not over for long. Autumn will be different. Many may think that we have heard our exhortations many times. But that is because it is needed. We all need to examine ourselves, what do we do ourselves?

– There is one thing that can more radically enable us to return to normal conditions. That’s if we can get a vaccine.

Sweden has signed a vaccine agreement

Then Löfven announced that Sweden on Thursday signed an EU agreement with the pharmaceutical company Astra zeneca.

Earlier today, the government decided that Sweden will participate in an EU-wide agreement with Astra Zeneca. That agreement will give Sweden access to the vaccine against covid-19, which the company has developed. If the vaccine is approved.

Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren took over:

– Now there is a first agreement on the table. Sweden has today decided that we will participate. Astra Zeneca’s vaccine is now undergoing final trials. The vaccine is promising, and if approved, 300 million doses will be distributed among the countries included in the agreement.

– For Sweden, this means that we will receive 6 million doses. The vaccine will be enough for 3-6 million Swedes.

People in the risk group will probably be given priority, says Lena Hallengren.

Public Health Agency: Continued spread of infection

Richard Bergström, Sweden’s vaccine coordinator since 16 June, also took part in the press conference and told about the work with a vaccine.

– We have an agreement for Astra Zeneca’s vaccine. Within two weeks, we have three more agreements to consider. We negotiate with everyone today, says Bergström.

– To guard the weekend.

On Thursday, three new deaths were reported in the coronavirus in Sweden. A total of 5,805 people in Sweden have now died in covid-19. Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of the Public Health Agency’s department, says that “Sweden is in a plateau phase”:

– We have a continued spread of infection in the country, she says.

– We need to follow the recommendations, keep our distance, wash our hands and test ourselves for symptoms.

Furthermore, Karin Tegmark Wisell stated that twelve Swedish regions now do not have a single corona patient who is in intensive care.

Source: expressen.se

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