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One Corona Death Last Day In Denmark


The number of admissions increases by three to 58 people. The latest Day there has been one coronary-related death.

It shows a statement on politi.dk , which has obtained the figures from the Norwegian Serum Institute.

The number of death with Covid-19 has thus increased to 598 people.

The survey also shows that the number of inmates increases by three people to 58. Ten people are admitted intensive, which is one fewer than yesterday’s statement.

Four are so sick that they need a respirator. That number has also fallen by one.

24 new cases

The latest Day 8,092 people have been tested for the virus and 24 have been tested positive for coronavirus.

Thus, there is virtually a decrease in all the figures. That’s why professor of virology at the University of Copenhagen Allan Randrup Thomsen calls the figures “delightfully peaceful” to the ritzau news agency.

But we can also see that there are still new ones that are found infected. So we can conclude that the virus is still active in Denmark – albeit inlimited scope, he says.


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