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Municipal division in North Jutland is removed and students can return to school

North Jutland

The declining infection rates in North Jutland mean that the government is now, according to TV 2’s information, easing the restrictions in the area.

From Monday, the inhabitants of the seven North Jutland municipalities that were closed down can once again move across municipal boundaries.

However, they must continue to be isolated from the rest of the country. At the same time, students in 5.-8. class after the weekend again allowed to come to school again.

TV 2 experiences this from several sources.

The government has convened a press conference at 6 pm, and here, according to TV 2’s information, the new easing will be announced.

Restaurants must remain closed

It was at a press conference on Thursday 5 November that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that North Jutland had to shut down for a while.

The authorities had in the days before found a special mutation of Covid-19, which had been transmitted from mink to humans in North Jutland, and when it was feared that the mutation could pose a risk to the vaccine work that is going on internationally, they chose to introduce particularly tightening restrictions. in seven different municipalities: Hjørring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Læsø, Thisted, Vesthimmerland and Jammerbugt.

The restrictions meant, among other things, that citizens were encouraged not to cross municipal boundaries, and that students in 5.-8. class was sent home – restrictions, which according to TV 2’s information are now being lifted – but also that public transport and restaurants were closed down, that all indoor and outdoor cultural institutions were closed to the public and that the students in higher education in the affected municipalities had to transitions to digital teaching and exam without attendance.

According to TV 2’s sources, the latter restrictions will remain.

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