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Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen in her first public speech after the assault

Security personnel surrounded the prime minister, who denies that the assault has made her afraid to go out on the streets.

When Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) took the stage at the Folkemødet, it was not to give a speech as usual.

Instead, she was asked questions by long-time radio host Søren Dahl, known from the program Café Hack.

She stated here that she is still affected by the assault on her that took place last Friday in Copenhagen.

– I’m fine, but I’m not quite myself yet, Mette Frederiksen said.

It was the first time that the prime minister had appeared in public since the attack. She said that she received professional help during the week.

– I have accepted help for the first time in my life this week, it read.

She did not clearly answer what kind of help she has received. She said it was the kind of professional help “that most people do when they go through something like this.”

– I have been more honest in the last few days about how I feel than I have been in five years as prime minister. It’s actually not that easy, she said.

Not afraid to walk the streets

The attack in Copenhagen has not meant that Mette Frederiksen has become afraid to walk on the street.

– I’m not afraid. Of course I am aware. There is something in the foundation that has been shaken a little, she explained.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister gave the first interview after she was assaulted. Here she said, among other things, that she probably wants to be a little more prime minister from the office for a while.

Today, however, she denied that the assault had consequences for her being able to carry out her work.

– I could not dream of, in this situation or others, being prime minister if I was not completely ready to carry out my task.

She hopes that this will not have consequences for how easily accessible the Prime Minister will be to the people in the future.

Will it be the end of the Danes, at the People’s Meeting, for example, being able to have a chat with the prime minister?

– No, I hope not. I think we should buckle up to hold on to one of the best things about this country, that a prime minister can cycle to work and you can meet politicians. Something is happening in this day and age. Many public servants experience being overwhelmed, it said.

Watch video of the Prime Minister walking through the street in Allinge on Bornholm, where the Folkemødet takes place.

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