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Corona Virus

Latest corona figures from Denmark and the world: So many are infected, dead and hospitalized

Corona Virus

Get an overview here of how many have been hospitalized and infected after the outbreak of covid-19 – and how the infection has spread.

As of Wednesday, the State Serum Institute has changed to a new calculation method for the number of inmates who reach a significantly lower figure. But if you use the new calculation method, the number of inmates has only decreased by four since Tuesday.

A forecast from the National Board of Health shows that the Danish respiratory capacity could reach 1260 beds with everything that can be retrieved at private hospitals, the Armed Forces and animal clinics. As the graph above shows, we have never been near that need.

The guidelines for who could be tested have changed several times. On March 12, the National Board of Health announced that they were switching from a containment strategy to a mitigation strategy, prioritizing tests for patients who are seriously ill. Since then, the group of Danes who must be tested has been expanded on several occasions to include a larger and larger group.


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