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Ferry companies laugh at face mask demands: Reminiscent of collective punishment

face mask

In July, the ferries were full of tourists, but there was no face mask requirement. It’s silly now, the ferry chairman thinks.

The small ferry companies in Denmark laugh a little at the fact that from Saturday there has been a requirement that everyone must wear a face mask in public transport, including on the ferries.

This is what Lars Hansen, chairman of Småøernes Færgeselskaber, which covers all island and shortcut ferries in Denmark, says.

– Three weeks ago we had summer packages where it was crowded with tourists on the ferries. We stood like herring in a barrel. We did not wear a mask there, he says.

He calls it a hassle and thinks it is reminiscent of collective punishment that everyone should wear face mask in public transport from Saturday. It has been introduced after the coronas infection flared up in certain cities.

The requirement to use a face mask or visor in public transport comes after the number of passengers on board the ferries has dropped again.

– Right now we do not have a lot of pressure on the ferries. Three weeks ago they were crammed. Now we are back to everyday life, says Lars Hansen.

Of course, follow the rules

The Ministry of Transport has previously stated in a press release that approximately 83,000 cycling and walking Danes sailed free of charge with Danish ferries in July.

That equates to 2,600 cyclists and 14,000 pedestrians a day.

The free ferry trips were introduced as a summer package to boost tourism and activities in Denmark over the summer under the cover of the corona crisis.


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