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Denmark Experiences Wettest February In 150 Years (And It’s Not Over Yet)

Denmark Weather

On average, more than 109 millimetres of rain has now fallen in Denmark this month.

Recent weeks have seen rain so persistent that this month can now be called the wettest February ever measured in Denmark.

Although February 2020 has a leap day, the record has already been beaten with several days left in the month, Politiken reports.

February 2002 was the previous record holder for the month with the highest rainfall. Records began in 1874.

By Friday, 106.3 millimetres of rain had fallen, and Saturday’s national average of 10.5 millimetres brought February’s total average rainfall for the country to 109 millimetres.

“This is not something that happens every year. Fortunately,” DMI meteorologist Klaus Larsen told Politiken.

With the record broken with a whole week still left in the month, the final number could be far beyond the 2002 level.

That is in fact a likelihood, with more rain forecast in the coming days. DMI expects wet weather on Monday and Tuesday and again from Friday to Saturday.

“If we are unlucky, 20 to 25 millimetres more could fall on average, so we’ll end up a lot higher,” Larsen said to Politiken.

“I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say they’re happy about all this water. It’s getting a bit too much. Many wish it had been snow instead,” the meteorologist added.

Central and South Jutland are the regions of the country to have received the most precipitation, DMI climatologist Mikael Scharling told the newspaper on Friday.

Billund was the country’s wettest location with 132.9 millimetres of rain.

“This is a huge amount for what is normally a relatively dry month and also a period when there is almost no evaporation,” Scharling added.

Source: .thelocal.dk

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