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Denmark and Sweden will bring DR documentary to the UN committee

Denmark and Sweden
Concerned documentary about North Korea must be brought up in the UN Sanctions Committee, says the Foreign Minister.

Denmark and Sweden will together bring the DR documentary “The Mole” about North Korea to the UN Sanctions Committee.

The two countries write in a joint statement that North Korea’s actions are of deep concern and that it is now being analyzed.

This is what Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S) says on Tuesday after an EU meeting in Luxembourg. He calls the North Korean regime “cynical and grotesque”.

– The sanctions we have against North Korea, they must be better enforced, says Kofod after the meeting.

In “The Mole”, which is directed by Mads Brügger, you follow a retired Danish chef who for a number of years has infiltrated the North Korean government via a friendship association.

Through him you get an insight into various illegalities – despite sanctions against the country.

Denmark and Sweden write in a joint statement that the documentary is worrying.

In response to these concerns, we have decided to ask our UN missions to make the UN Sanctions Committee aware of the documentary. We will also raise the issue in the EU, it says.

The two countries also write that they will analyze the information presented in the documentary, the first episode of which was shown on Sunday on DR.

Kofod will not rule out that it could lead to further steps against North Korea.

– It is not something that Denmark can solve alone. This is something we can solve together with other countries. The North Korean regime is completely grotesque. They break all their obligations, says Jeppe Kofod.

However, he is not surprised. For North Korea has “for many years” acted in this way, the minister said.

But these are things that show the seriousness and also the brutality of this regime in relation to criminal activities, arms trafficking and drugs, says Kofod.

The UN Security Council has adopted sanctions against North Korea in response to the country’s nuclear and missile program and related activities.

These must be respected and maintained, says the foreign minister.

The EU, and thus Denmark, also has sanctions against the country.

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