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Danmark fraråder ikke-nødvendige rejser til Slovenien

Denmark advises against unnecessary travel to Slovenia

Danmark fraråder ikke-nødvendige rejser til Slovenien
Slovenia requires that travelers from Denmark be quarantined at home. Therefore, Denmark advises against traveling there.

New quarantine requirements lead Denmark to discourage all unnecessary travel to Slovenia. This is stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen Service on Friday afternoon on its website.

The new travel guide was expected. This is because the country had announced a notice on whether to introduce entry restrictions for certain countries.

Home quarantine will mean that you have a duty to refrain from unnecessary contacts for 14 days from your arrival in Slovenia.

You may only leave your home or residence to see a doctor or buy food, medicine and other essential necessities as well as in emergencies.

However, there are a few exceptions to the requirement for home quarantine for certain groups of persons, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states.

On Thursday, Monaco and Finland were added to the list of places that Danes are advised against visiting. They are marked in orange.

For Monaco, this is due to an increased number of infections with coronavirus, while for Finland it is also due to entry restrictions.

Over the past two weeks, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Iceland have also been added to the list of countries that Denmark advises against traveling to.

Spain is also on the orange list.

Even if a country is yellow, and Denmark thus does not advise citizens to travel there, extra care and respect must be exercised for the current restrictions to prevent infection with coronavirus.

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