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Crisis mood in the UK: Lack of petrol and groceries

A serious shortage of truck drivers is starting to hurt the British.

News on front pages of most British newspapers. source: DR

Since Brexit became a reality 10 months ago, 25,000 foreign drivers have left the UK, leaving too few hands to drive fuel and groceries out of the country.

Therefore, several gas stations are currently closed, and supermarkets report that they can not get groceries out, Ritzau reports. And Christmas can also be in danger.

Unless there are new drivers in the next 10 days, it is inevitable that we will see significant disruption up until Christmas, says Andrew Opie, head of the British Retail Consortium.

Right now, 90,000 truck drivers are missing in the country, writes Reuters.

The British Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, tells the BBC that it may be necessary to deploy the army to solve the problem, but he refuses to allow “cheaper European drivers” into the UK again, as it could outcompete British truck drivers.


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