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Copenhagen Police Warns Citizens Against This Dangerous Man After Attempted Murder In Hvidovre

Copenhagen Police

According to police, a 26-year-old man left after a murder attempt in Hvidovre. Now he is called for by name and photo.

Copenhagen Police are calling for a 26-year-old man suspected of attempted murder in Hvidovre in May.

This is what the police say in a press release.

The man named David Vice Rasweu Mmotlana Seripe is considered by the police to be dangerous. Therefore, you should not contact him yourself, but instead call the police on 114.

According to police, the murder trial took place on May 27, and police believe the case is linked to a pending gang conflict.

Police received a tip on May 27 that an attack was planned in Hvidovre. Therefore, the police moved out and averted, in their own words, an attempted murder in the city.

The suspects tried to flee from the police in a car, but the driver lost control and the car drove into a house on Strandby Allé. None of the occupants of the house came up with anything.

After the accident, people in the car tried to escape from the scene, but two were arrested nearby. A third got off from the police on foot.

And the third person was according to police David Vice Rasweu Mmotlana Seripe, as it now calls.

In addition to posting a photo, police describe the man as:

Danish man, African in appearance, 26 years old and normal of building, about 172 centimeters tall. He has short, black hair, brown eyes and beard stubble / beard.

He may have sustained injuries to the head in connection with the vehicle accident at Strandby Allé in Hvidovre, police say.

In connection with the case, nine people are in custody. They are charged with three attempted murder, which in addition to May 27 counts May 25 in Hvidovre and April 3 in Husum. The prisoners are also charged with possession of weapons.

Source: jyllands-posten.dk

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