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Cardi B faces $50 million copyright infringement lawsuit

Popular American rapper Cardi B has been sued for alleged copyright infringement.

Cardi B was sued by two singers from Texas and Oklahoma for allegedly using their song in her track “Enough (Miami)” without permission.

Recall that Cardi B scored top 10 hits with the release of “Enough (Miami)” in March.

According to the lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ, Miguel Aguilar, known as Kemika 1956, and Joshua Fraustro, also known as Sten Joddi, alleged that Cardi B and her producers used elements of their 2021 song “Greasy Frybread” in her track.

The plaintiffs claimed that their song was also featured as a promotional piece for the FX series “Reservation Dogs.”

The lawsuit also names Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, and producers OG Parker and DJ SwanQo as co-defendants.

“Enough (Miami)” was released on March 15, 2024, about three years after “Greasy Frybread.

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