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A Total Of 161 Coronas Infected Have Died In Denmark


That’s an increase of 22 since yesterday. A total of 161 corona-infected persons have now died in Denmark.

On Saturday, 507 people are admitted to the country’s hospitals with corona infection. Of these, 142 are in intensive care units and 112 of them need a respirator.

Thus, 10 fewer people are admitted to the hospitals, while a few more have been in the intensive care unit since yesterday.

It informs the health authorities in the daily monitoring report.

39,928 people have now been tested for coronavirus, while 4,077 have been declared infected.

But there is, after all, a great darkness, as the number is not an expression of the total number of infected, as not everyone with symptoms of the virus is tested.

However, from April 1, an extended testing has been introduced so that people with mild symptoms can be tested.

In addition, the report shows that 1,283 people have survived their Covid-19 infection.

Source: www.dr.dk

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