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Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen arrested after attempted escape

Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen’s lawyer can not confirm that it is Peter Madsen.

The murder-convicted submarine builder Peter Madsen was arrested on Tuesday morning after an attempted prisoner escape.

This is confirmed by Copenhagen’s Vestegnes Police to TV 2.

Police have no further information.

The police inform on Twitter that they have blocked off Nyvej in Albertslund and that work is in progress. On TV 2’s pictures from the place, you can see that Peter Madsen is sitting on the grass up a hedge, and that a sniper is pointing at him.

There is a massive police force a few hundred meters from Herstedvester Prison , where Peter Madsen is serving his sentence. There is both a mobile command station, roller coaster, dog carts, sniper and task leader. The same can be seen in the picture above.

Defense attorney does not know of escape

Peter Madsen’s defense lawyer, Bettina Hald Engmark, tells TV 2 that she does not know anything about the case and that she has not heard about the possible prisoner escape before TV 2 and other media called her.

A witness tells TV 2 that Peter Madsen had threatened to take a lift in a white van, but that the trip was very short.


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