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North Jutland

Now new restrictions come into force in North Jutland: Only school students are allowed to cross municipal boundaries by bus

North Jutland

From Monday, only school applicants may use bus routes that run between seven North Jutland municipalities.

Citizens in seven North Jutland municipalities wake up on Monday morning to a completely new reality when new restrictions come into force to curb the infection with a mutated coronavirus.

This applies to the citizens of Thisted, Vesthimmerland, Jammerbugt, Brønderslev, Hjørring, Frederikshavn and Læsø.

As far as possible, one should refrain from crossing the municipal boundary, unless one has an urgent errand or is contesting a critically important job such as a nurse or police officer.

School students from 5th to 8th grade must receive instruction at home in front of the screen.

Affects public transport

It also has major consequences for public transport. There will be no trains across municipal boundaries, for example between Aalborg and Frederikshavn.

The buses continue to run. This applies to local routes internally in the seven municipalities.


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