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February 3, 2023
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Meet Ghana’s First Free Runner And Stunt Man Samuel Osei Mensah

Samuel Osei Mensah, popularly known as Striker is an actor, fight choreographer and stunt performer. He is based in Afrancho, Kumasi – Ghana.

Striker is a trained Boxer, Kung-fu (short term), karate, Parkour & Free running and currently practicing Taekwondo. Acting is my passion and martial arts is my life.

He started practicing ‘Free Running’ in the year 2012 after a research about it and learnt it was an up and coming sports rising globally but was not known in Africa especially in Ghana. It is also called ‘Parkour’ in Some countries. He started learning the art too.

Striker started acting and appearing on screen in 2014. He has been featured in several movies ever since his introduction into the acting fraternity. He featured in movies such as: Just 3 Day as Striker (2015), Show Mercy as King Diagon (2016), Eye Red as Johnie, Striker (2018 not released), Take Away (Stunt, 2016), Anna Maria (Extra,2017), Ye Gye Ya Kwonya (Stunt,2015), Barbershop (TV Series, 2018 not released).

In 2014 he moved to Kumasi to pursue his acting career, he was connected by one of his cadet student whom he trained in his formal high school to a movie producer who was a well-known by that time due to his hit movies he produce over the years. Immediately the producer saw his video reels, he got interested in his talent and created a role for him within one week in his already done script and featured him. His character in that movie was a hustler and street fighter, He did a little drama, action, fight and parkour in the movie (Which he believes he is the first Ghanaian actor to perform parkour & free run in our industry). The producer liked how I fight, and executing my moves and skills was different and was excellent, He gave me the Name ‘Striker’ in the movie (Just 3 Days) and when it came out in 2015 everyone who watched the movie can’t forget my character name and I have been called that name by movie fans since till today.

Striker is currently shooting some interesting movies which are yet to be released later this year.

You can see some of his works below:

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