June 30, 2022
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What happens? Infection on Danish mink farms causes the United Kingdom to impose quarantine requirements for immigrants from Denmark, while seven Danish municipalities are facing new closures . The Danish authorities have convened a press conference on the corona situation at 4.30 pm. Follow it here and on TV 2 NEWS.

What is the status in Denmark? On Friday, 1427 Danes were registered infected. See the latest figures here .

Researchers: Coronamutation may already be extinct

According to a number of professors, it is likely that the mutation of coronavirus is already extinct. It writes Berlingske . 

The mutation has led to massive restrictions in North Jutland, as well as the decision to kill all mink in Denmark. 

The researchers state that despite thousands of new studies, not a single new case has been found. 

France sets new record for corona infection

The number of corona infections in France in 24 hours sets a record for the second day in a row in France. It writes Reuters. 

In the last 24 hours, 60,486 new infections have been registered here. That’s an increase of 2,440 infected compared to Thursday’s numbers. 

The death toll from coronavirus has risen to 828. On Thursday, that number was 363.

Denmark added to Germany’s list of high-risk areas

Denmark was added to Germany’s list of high-risk areas on Friday due to rising corona infection.

Therefore, from Sunday, it will be mandatory to show a negative corona test from travelers traveling into Germany from Denmark, writes the news agency Reuters.

A country is a high-risk area for German authorities when there are over 50 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days.

The women’s league is put on pause after the North Jutland corona closure

The women’s league in football is suspended after the coronation of North Jutland, as Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) announced on Thursday. The rest of the tournament will be moved to the spring, the head of the Women’s League, Nicolai Kaas, informs.

Italy sets record

37,809 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Italy in the last 24 hours.

This is the highest number in the country since the pandemic started, writes NRK, among others. 

European Championship matches are moved to Herning due to coronary restrictions

Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning will lay the groundwork for even more matches at the European Championships in women’s handball in December.

The Danish Handball Association (DHF) states on its website that the matches that should have been played in Frederikshavn will be moved to Herning, which should already be home to a number of European Championship matches. This is because the stricter corona restrictions in North Jutland made it impossible to hold the European Championship matches in Frederikshavn. 

Pupils at North Jutland continuation schools are told to stay or go home

If after-school students in North Jutland go home for the next four weeks, they must not return to school. This is the call from the Continuation School Association to the students at continuation schools in the seven North Jutland municipalities, which were closed down on Thursday.

Massive efforts for four weeks can make a difference

National Police Chief Thorkild Fogde concludes the press conference by stating that it is a tragedy for the mink breeders in Denmark, and that we are entering an extraordinarily difficult period for the citizens of North Jutland.  

– It is in the service of public health and there is nothing to do.

– This effort stands on four legs that work together. It’s mink, it’s behavioral regulation, it’s infection detection and it’s tests and laboratory tests. It is our hope that if we push the four initiatives through in the next four weeks, then we will see that the infection falls in North Jutland. Then we can hopefully see Christmas in a meeting with a more positive scenario, says Thorkild Fogde, National Police Chief.

The press conference is over. 

The National Board of Health: All citizens in the affected municipalities should be tested as soon as possible

Søren Brostrøm encourages the citizens of the affected municipalities to get tested. It must take place in good order, and you must follow the authorities’ guidelines with good distance and sprinting along the way. 

The residents and others who stay in the seven municipalities are very welcome to get tested as soon as possible. 

Nothing indicates cluster 5 variation in other parts of the country

SSI states that the monitoring of mink farms throughout the country so far does not give any indications that there should be cases of the cluster 5 variation in other parts of the country.

– Ongoing monitoring has been carried out on mink farms throughout the country. So we are convinced that this mutation has not been found anywhere other than in North Jutland, says Tyra Krause. 

SSI: – There is a real concern and it is being acted upon

Tyra Krause from the Statens Serum Institut states that it is timely care with the extensive closures in North Jutland. 

– Our studies do not prove that a vaccine will not work on this variant of corona. But we have to be absolutely sure. There is not full evidence, but it is a concern we must respond to with timely care. 

It is still unknown how misregistration of infection occurred

– All 12 cases belong in North Jutland. We can state that completely. We do not currently know what went wrong and where the error occurred, says Tyra Krause.


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