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January 29, 2023
Ahenfo Radio Denmark

Jeanette Ottesen qualifies for her fifth Olympics

The Danish team cap did well from land on Monday morning European Championships in long distance in Budapest.

The team with Jeanette Ottesen, Julie Kepp Jensen, Signe Bro and Emily Gantriis swam safely to the final in the 4×100 meter freestyle, and at the same time, according to TV2 Sport, they managed the winning time in the heat Olympic requirement.

The European Championships are Ottesen’s last chance to qualifyOlympics this summer and she is only competing in the team cap.

Ottesen swam the third best time ahead of Emily Gantriis, and thus she has to join Olympics , Ottesen confirms to TV2 Sport.

The women are to swim finals Monday night. In the initial heats, they had gathered the second fastest time.

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