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February 3, 2023
Ahenfo Radio Denmark
Egypt coach

– I wish I could only mention one that worries me, says Egypt coach

Egypt’s national coach, Roberto Parrondo, calls it worrying that he can not just point to one Dane to be stopped on Wednesday night.

It’s a big mouthful waiting for the Egyptians on Wednesday night.

Egypt’s national coach, Spanish Roberto Parrondo, does not hide this until Wednesday’s quarter-final against Denmark.

He tells this on Tuesday, when TV 2 SPORT caught him on the day of rest.

Can you name one Danish player that you should try to slow down in the match?

– If only I could say that there was only one, we should try to stop. That’s the problem. The Danish team has fantastic players in all positions. They play a really nice championship, says Parrondo to TV 2 SPORT and continues:

– The line players, who are playing now, are doing extremely well in defense. And in the attack one must mention players like Mads (Mensah, ed.) And Mikkel Hansen. And the former Barcelona player, who is now in Füchse Berlin (Lasse Andersson, ed.). It’s actually all of them. I wish I could just name one that worried me.


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