May 24, 2022
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Driving licenses

Driving licenses can be downloaded in digital version on mobile from Tuesday

Driving licenses

The physical driving license has been given a digital alternative on the mobile. However, the new card does not apply abroad.

An alternative to the physical pink driving license has been introduced since Tuesday.

If you have a smartphone, you can download a driving license app, so you have both your driving license and an ID certificate in digital version on your mobile.

This is stated by the Danish Digitization Agency, which has developed the app, in a press release.

However, it is voluntary if Danes want a digital driving license.

Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht (S) calls it an offer that can make it easier for citizens.

– It is good to be able to have the driving license at hand, and most people already have it with their mobile phone.

– But it is not the case that we force people to have a digital driving license. It’s an offer. But an offer that will probably make it a little easier both for the citizens, but also the police when it comes to checking the driving license, says Benny Engelbrecht.

The physical driver’s license is still important

However, you must still keep your physical driving license, even if you have downloaded the driving license app.

One of the reasons for this is that the digital driving license is only valid within Denmark’s borders.

But it hopes Benny Engelbrecht over time can change.

You must first and foremost keep the physical card, because it may be that you need a trip abroad. For the time being, the digital driving license only applies in Denmark, but of course we hope in the long run that it can be recognized throughout the EU.

– And then it could be that you went and lost your mobile phone. Then you can block the digital card, but then it’s nice to have the physical card still.

– But you do not need to take the physical driver’s license with you if you have your mobile phone on you and have a digital driver’s license there, he says.

The app works without coverage

The app also works even if the mobile has no coverage or connection.

If the mobile runs out of power, however, it is necessary to have the physical driving license to avoid a fine.

To get your digital driving license, it is necessary to download the app “Driving license”, after which you log in with NemID.

You then activate your digital driving license by scanning your passport with your mobile phone and downloading the image file that is in the passport.

The Danish Digitization Agency points out that data is encrypted. The image is also stored exclusively on that phone.

The driving license is the first ID proof in Denmark to go digital. The yellow health card will follow suit during 2021.


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