September 25, 2022
Ahenfo Radio Denmark
Pfizer and Moderna apply for approval for new vaccine candidate in Europe

Denmark buys more than one million Pfizer vaccines from Romania

1.17 million new vaccine doses mean that the last groups in the vaccination calendar may soon be convened.

Denmark buys 1.17 million doses of the corona vaccine from Pfizer of Romania. This is what Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) says.

They will be shipped to Denmark “as soon as possible”, it sounds from the minister. In this context, “as soon as possible” is probably in this or next week, he says.

– We are in a race with this Delta variant, so we must have vaccinated as many as possible as soon as possible. We now have a better opportunity for that, says Heunicke.

However, how many doses land in Denmark with the first shipment is not yet known.

But the planning of both packaging and transport is still underway at the Statens Serum Institut. They will be sent to Denmark by plane over three or four rounds.

New vaccination calendar on the way

The purchase of the vaccines also mean that a whole new vaccine calendar will be made that will bepublished one of the coming days. Because with the many extrasvaccines , the last groups in the vaccination calendar could bevaccinated faster.

– It is especially the group of the 30-34-year-olds who are last, who can now begin to be invited, says Magnus Heunicke.

There will be new calls for the 30-34-year-olds in the next week and a half, says the Minister of Health.

This is what the vaccination calendar looks like right now – before the purchase the vaccines from Romania:


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