October 1, 2022
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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson gives green light for reopening next week: ‘I’m going to the pub myself’

In future, all adult Englishmen must be able to be tested at home twice a week.

Next week, the English shops, hairdressers and gyms can once again open their doors, while it will also be possible to enjoy a meal or a cold draft beer outdoors.

It informs the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on apress conference tonight.

– On Monday the 12th of April, I myself will go to a pub, where I – gently but irrevocably – will raise a draft beer to my lips, it sounded, among other things, from Johnson.

The next week’s next step in the reopening of British society has, among other things, been given the green light because the number of admissions and deaths are declining after a large section of society has becomevaccinated , the message reads.

But the British must not lower the parades, Boris Johnson states.

– We have seen the waves of the disease hit other countries, and we know what it leads to. We do not yet know how strongthe protection of the vaccine will be when the cases of infection start to increase, which I fear they will.

Huge bet on corona samples

One of the most important tools for the British reopening will be a billion-dollar investment in lightning testing for the British, which is encouraged to be tested twice a week.

The British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, unveiled the initiative before today’s press conference:

This must be made possible by the fact that all adult Englishmen from Friday can order free home samples, which are delivered directly to the door or for collection at, for example, a pharmacy.

At the same time, 100,000 companies have volunteered to make them available to their employees, several British reports media .

The British Minister for Health has previously expressed a desire to be able to test ten million people a day, but currently the daily test number is 1.2 million, reports The Daily Telegraph.

But now a massive investment in corona trials must ensure the reopening of Britain.


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