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Above 17 degrees – we have the warmest November day in 52 years

It can get even hotter during the day, with temperatures approaching 18 degrees.

With temperatures above 17 degrees, we have had unusually warm November weather on Monday morning and morning.

In connection with warm air blowing up over Denmark from the southwest, the highest temperature was measured on Monday in November for 52 years, and local heat records have been set in several places in the country.

The warmest has been in Store Jyndevad in Southern Jutland, where the temperature until 10 o’clock has been up to 17.6 degrees.

Not since the Danish heat record from 1968 of 18.5 degrees has a higher temperature been measured in November.

It is not only in Southern Jutland, it is hot. In most of the country, the temperature on Monday morning and morning has been between 15 and 17 degrees.

The warmest has generally been over the southern part of the country, where the temperature in several places has been above 17 degrees.

Until 10 o’clock, Årslev on Funen has had 17.4 degrees, while it has been 17.1 degrees in Odense, in Abed on Lolland and at Kegnæs on southern Als.

Can get even hotter

The unusual November heat continues to flow over Denmark for the rest of Monday, and the temperature can rise to close to 18 degrees during the day.

The warmest is expected to be in the southern part of the country, and according to TV 2 WEATHER’s forecasts, you can only get the highest temperature of the day in Lolland, Falster or South Zealand in the afternoon.

The warm air comes in connection with a strong southwest wind, which from the area around Bermuda has been blown all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and with gales and gusts of storm force during the night until Monday has reached Denmark.

Among the hottest November days since 1874

The 17.6 degrees tentatively measured Store Jyndevad is the second highest temperature measured in November since 1874.

Apart from the heat record of 18.5 degrees from 2 November 1968, no such high temperature has been measured in November before.

Locally, a heat record has been set

While nationally it is the second warmest November day in 146 years, Monday’s heat has set a new local heat record for November.

It is Tranebjerg on Samsø that has measured the highest temperature in November with 16.4 degrees since the measurements began on Samsø in 1872.

The previous record for November was 15.5 degrees, measured in 2014.

Source: vejr.tv2.dk

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